Meet Moyeen

She Is KING of Afro Rock

At the intersection of freedom and authenticity you’ll find, the velvet-voiced singer-songwriter, and energetic performer Moyeen crafting her signature Afro Rock tunes with quick wit and ear-gasmic harmonies.

Raised in a traditional Nigerian home where science professions were believed to be better than the arts, Moyeen’s decision to pursue her passion in music was often cast-off as a hobby until she moved to Africa’s music mecca; Lagos to follow her dreams.Despite having multiple science degrees, she is proudest of the degree to which her music resonates with fans.

When asked about her genre: she says: "My spirit connects with intensity of rock and my soul identifies with the stories of Africa, I love variety and fusion and that stays true in my Afro Rock fusion sound" . Moyeen  writes her lyrics, melodies and arrangement. Her live performances,  are easily soul-baring and intimate; she says: “When I am on stage, time dissolves and all I feel, taste, and see is the music.

Her earlier  songs include a call to self-empowerment: “Follow My Dreams” and her pop-jazz tune Mr.Aristo. Moyeen has performed in Canada, the US and is now gigging  in Lagos.

Welcome to Moyeen’s witty world of freedom, limitlessness, sonic diversity and authenticity, a world where ideas and genres coexist harmoniously to create her signature Afro-rock sound.

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Bookings: Info@MoyeenMusic.Com

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Instagram + Twitter : @MoyeenMusic